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Grooming Safely During Covid-19 Restrictions
At Daedal we are pleased to offer a professional Grooming Service.  Rodney has completed an extensive training course under the expert tuition of Angela Caley at "The Professional Finish Training School".  This enables Rodney to cater for all breeds of dog - not just Airedales. Some Airedale owners are willing to travel a great distance to have their beloved pet groomed by Rodney!

When the Covid-19 virus took hold and we, like nearly everyone else, had to close, we did wonder what and by how much our working practice would have to change when we were eventually allowed to re-open.  During the lockdown period, both Rodney and Issy undertook professional training and are now fully certified to do pet grooming safely in the current conditions.

First of all, we now have two containers on our stairs, one for each of us.  Our working clothes are put in them every time we come indoors from working, no matter how many times we come in during the day, we get changed every time and our working clothes are put into these containers.

While working, we wear PPE: facemasks, goggles, gloves and aprons.  The coronavirus is reported to be able to live for some time on collars, leads and the dogs' coats.

We can only have dogs from one household at a time on the premises.  Our customers are required to arrive promptly for their appointments and asked to wait at the gate at the bottom of our driveway.  As they are in the open air we do not insist that clients wear a mask, but we do prefer it.  A time is given when they can return for their dogs, and we require a prompt return to allow sufficient time for the necessary cleaning to take place before the next arrival.

We have two large cages in the grooming room.  The dogs are taken into the grooming room and the first dog is put straight into the bath, if there is more than one dog from this household the other(s) will wait their turn in the first cage.  The dogs' collars and leads are placed in a container and sprayed with Leucillin, a natural antiseptic spray which is effective against the SARS-COV-2 virus (Covid-19) but is safe on all animals and eco friendly.  Each dog is bathed, dried and groomed, and placed into the second clean cage ready to go home.

Once the dogs have left, we then have to throughly clean the cages and the whole grooming room ready for the next customer.  Because of these lengthy procedures, the number of dogs we can deal with in a day is much smaller than it was!

We only use high-quality disinfectants and we strive every day to keep our clients - and ourselves! - as safe as we possibly can.

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